Our Products

Portland Pine Products extensive range of meticulously tailored posts and poles are designed to suit a variety of applications and provide solutions to all sectors of the agricultural and outdoor treated timber and fencing industries across Australia.

Whether it’s fencing, trellising, or landscaping, our products will seamlessly integrate with your project, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality. In the viticulture and horticulture industries, our long length poles provide sturdy support for netting, protecting delicate fruit and promoting a thriving harvest.

Products intended for exposed applications are treated to Australian Standard (AS1604), with the value-add preservative process ensuring protection against fungal decay, termite and insect attack resulting in a durable long-lasting product suitable for domestic, rural, commercial, viticulture and industrial applications.

All of our products come with H4 treatment as standard, however H5/H6 treatment can also be supplied for specific applications requiring protection against excessive moisture or if the products is to be submerged in water.


Posts & Strainers

Peeled Post and Strainers are the work horse in the roundwood product range, used in general farm fencing, small semi-rural lifestyle boundary and internal fences and numerous other applications.

Depending on locality, Peeled Posts are also referred to as single peeled, tapered, or shaven posts. These are products are all the alike, with the same uses in agriculture, horticulture, and variety of rural and landscaping applications.


Peeled Poles are a non-structural product widely used in the horticulture orchard sector providing support for netting covers to protect valuable fruit crops against weather conditions such as extreme sun, hail, wind or rain damage, and also provide protection against bird damage.
Support poles and trellis systems are a cost-effective installation and provide many years of protection to valuable agricultural crops and assets.



Precision Round posts and landscaping products are cylindrical from one end to the other. They are manufactured in set diameter sizes and are ideal for fencing and landscaping applications. Also referred to as perfect round and super round posts, this product is widely used in a variety of applications including broad acre farm fencing, equine post and rail fences to achieve high end visual appeal and various landscaping finishes including post and rail border fences and internal decorative fences.


Precision Slabs are Precision Rounds which have had two sides removed to create a product with two curved faces and two flat faces. The superior value of Precision Slabs is their strength and durability derived from the roundwood profile post, carefully crafted into the slab profile to create a versatile fencing and landscaping product.

Precision Slabs are a great alternative option to rectangular sawn sleeper products in retaining walls and other garden and landscaping uses. They can also be applied as a fence post with two flat surfaced edges, which are suitable to fix horizontal rails to create the structure for paling fences and is a cost-effective option to steel and hardwood posts.

Wing Split

Precision Wing Splits are Precision Rounds that have been split lengthwise. This creates 2 pieces, each with a semi-circular face and a flat face. These are ideal for retaining walls, garden edging, fencing, and the like. Precision Wing Splits are also referred to as split poles.

Slab Wing Splits

Precision Slab Wing Splits are Precision Slabs which have been split lengthwise. This creates two products, each with one curved face and three flat faces. Precision Slab Wing Splits make it a breeze to build a retaining wall that looks like it’s built out of full-sized Precision Rounds. The two flat-sided surfaces butt tidily against each other, allowing you to build a treated pine retaining wall or fence that is simple and effective.


Posts & Strainers

Cambio Post and Strainer is processed in such a way as to remove only the outer bark layer and branch stubs, leaving the outer cambium fibre. This means the product retains strength and additional durability.

Cambio Posts are used in viticulture, horticulture and grassier agriculture sectors but can also be used in many farms fencing or infrastructure fence uses, and are sometimes called vineyard posts.


We can also “point” Posts if required. These are pointed one end to make driving into the ground a little easier, so are ideal for rocky areas and harder ground.

Pointed posts can be made to order, but we also carry some stock on hand, so please enquire if this is a requirement for your particular application.